Juvenile Detention (Prison for Youth)

This is an outreach to minister to the teenagers at a detention center, with the goal to share the love of Christ and salvation, provide supports, and encourage through teaching to be contributing and productive citizens.

Door-to-door Evangelism

Aimed at sharing/spreading the gospel of Christ to our neighbors and praying with them.

Reaching the Community

Impacting our neighborhood positively by extending our hands of love in community improvement/beautification projects, and attending to the needs of others (meals-on-wheels, groceries-to-go, etc,), that was exemplified for us by Jesus during his ministry on earth.


Forming relationship with the less privileged, providing for their needs, and sharing the love of Christ with them.

South Congress Avenue Festival Outreach

A soul winning outreach in the summer months at the monthly South Congress Festival

Family Movie Night

Enjoying movie together as a family, fellowship with one another while reaching out to others for the kingdom of God.