A spiritual ministry charged as gatekeepers during services. Our ushers are the first point of contact, welcome members and visitors into the church and ensure members and visitors are comfortable. They are warm and pleasant group of workers.

Choir (Amazing Voices)

A ministry charged with leading the congregation in praise and worship to the throne of grace and positioning the church to receive her blessings.


In charge of welcoming guests and visitors, info visitors and guests of the church ministries and outreaches, follow up with visitors, new members and old members, overseeing welfare of the congregation, church sanitation and overseeing guest ministers’ welfare, amongst other responsibilities.

Audio and Video (Technical Crew)

Ensure all audio, visuals & online service recording and presentation are in order & coordinated properly. This ministry is in charge of the church media outreaches.

Teen Church

The ministry is passionate about reaching the young and upcoming generation of tomorrow’s leaders, and setting the standards for righteousness and holy living. Our teenagers are disciple to live a purpose driven life, to maximize their potentials and having fun doing it.


The ministry is charged with reaching out to children both within the church and outside of the church, bringing them up in the way of the lord, and thereby setting them on spiritual and moral foundation. The children are taught to know the truth and the power in the Word of God and to fear God.

Prayer Team

The intercessory team are the spiritual warriors, seeking the face of the Lord the church of God, the saints, the nations and salvation of souls.


This serves as an avenue to reach the unchurched for the kingdom of God souls not only by giving and distributing the word of God but also through service. Through service/evangelism we build relationships, share the love of God, and impact the community (Austin).

Praise Dance Group

A group that showcases skills & talents to bring glory to the name of God by worshiping God through dance.